Arabic, French

Education and qualifications

  • Attorney at law and founder of George Jreij Law Firm.
  • He has been providing a wide range of Private and Public law.
  • He practices Civil and Criminal law and provides  both domestic and cross-border specialist legal services in different areas of the law.
  • Founder of the Lebanese International Arbitration Center (LIAC).
  • He represented clients in arbitral proceedings.
  • Lecturer in History of Law in Phoenecia University.

Member Of the following conferences

  • The official delegation to the Doha conference in 2008, headed by former President of the Lebanese Republic Amine Gemayel.
  • Conference of Mediterranean Bar Association, Larnaca, Cyprus (2010).
  • International Association of Lawyers, Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), New York and Florence, (2014).

Chairman of the BBA delegations to:

  • Secretary General of the Arab League ( Cairo, 2015).
  • Ministry of Justice, (Kuwait city, 2015).
  • The UAE Ministry of Justice, (Dubai, 2015).
  • Dubai International Finance DIFC, (Dubai, 2015).
  • Al Tamimi & Company Law firm, (Dubai, 2015).
  • Lebanese Labor Council, (Dubai, 2015).

Our Founder

  • Founder Me. Georges Jreij was called to the Bar in 1983.
  • President of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law, Section II, between 1987 and 1997.
  • Elected member of BBA Council in 2006 and nominated Rapporteur of trainee lawyers.
  • Reelected member of BBA Council in 2009, and nominated Rapporteur of the BBA Library of Law.
  • Elected Treasurer of the BBA Council in 2010.
  • Elected President of Beirut Bar Association in 2013.
  • Chairman during his mandate of the Human Rights Institute and the Judicial Aid Committee, both affiliated to the BBA.

Conferences and Workshops

Speaker, moderator and participant in the following conferences and seminars

  • The French Embassy in Beirut, conference on "Abolishing the death penalty" (2014)
  • Paris Bar Association, Paris (2014)
  • Arab Lawyers Union conference, Cairo (2015)
  • Conference of Presidents of Mediterranean Bar Association, Nice, France (2015)
  • The IBA Annual Conference, Madrid, Spain (2015)
  • Special Tribunal for Lebanon, The Hague
  • The Preservation of the Land and Identity
  • The Role of Civil Society in Preventing Terrorisme
  • Presidential Vacuum and the Lebanese Constitution
  • Maintenance of Public Order and the rule of Administrative Law 
  • International Criminal law
  • Special Courts, Military Court
  • Precautionary Measures to Oversee and Control Public Funds
  • The Protection and Treatment of Institutions in Difficulties
  • Oil and Gas Contracts: Lebanon turns into an Oil Country
  • FATCA Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Human Rights, Women Rights
  • Armenian Genocide
  • Refugees Rights
  • Family and Personal Status Law, Civil Marriage, Underage Marriage